On the boat pt.II

MOROCCO ROUND TWO The south of morocco is very different than the touristic north of the country. Its closer to the Sahara and the people dress differently, faces and extremeties are always covered. What I once assumed to be a purely Islamic style of fashion proved to be more practical than religious, I had so … More On the boat pt.II

On the boat pt.I

Sometimes you ask a question, and your life changes exponentially. When we entered the fishing port in Essouria, Morocco we were anxious. It seemed like the last place on earth we would find a friend, with bustling morocccans screaming orders and throwing around nets, fixing mysterious things and cooking over small fires. The stench was … More On the boat pt.I

Lalla Fatna

  The next day we hit the road again and headed back up north a few miles to Lalla Fatna. We never actually saw the town but got dropped off at a road leading down to the beach. It wasn’t an ideal day for the beach. The sky was overcast and it kept dribbling dirty … More Lalla Fatna

On the road

After Paradise we begin making our way north, arriving in the evening in Essouria. We heard Jimmy Hendrix had a castle around here somewhere on the beach and now people camp there. Even though it is incredibly cold we decide this is our best bet. We wander rather lost through the medina searching for a … More On the road

Paradise Found

The road to Paradise is spattered with tiny houses whittled into the sides of the mountains rising up around us like little gnomish faces peeking out of shrubbery, selling ‘authentic’ fossils and tagine pots to unsuspecting tourists. The roads are steep and seem treacherous to us jostling in the back of this rickety blue van … More Paradise Found

Morocco Week one Marakech and near

MOROCCO WEEK ONE-MARRAKECH AND ROAD TO AGADIR (arrive late october)       Marrakech is madness. Biggest city in Morocco, where gilded facades hide buildings made of crumbling cinderblocks and held together seemingly with sweat and history. Rich merchants step out of their terraced homes and over the women living in cardboard boxes on the sidewalk with … More Morocco Week one Marakech and near